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The CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, has criticized the Betquin and other digital currencies in public, and in recent months has also said a number of negative things about them. One of his problems with digital currencies was that they were not productive assets - they were valuable only because investors were interested in them, so he went so far as to say at the annual meeting that "digital currencies come with bad endings." Bill Gates also referred to digital currencies as "more speculative things crazy

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فخلال الأسابيع القليلة الماضية، أدت البيتكوين والعملات الرقمية الأخرى فعلياً بشكل جيد، لكنها انخفضت مرةً أخرى بعد أن تم الإدلاء بهذه التعليقات. والآن، فإنه من المهم أن نلاحظ أن السوق تأخذ ببساطة متنفساً بعد أسابيع قليلة من تحقيق النجاحات، ولكن على الجانب الآخر، يمكن أن يكون الأمر يتعلق برمته بأن هذه التعليقات كان لها تأثيرها السلبي. وفي بداية الأسبوع، كانت العملات الرقمية الأفضل في المنطقة الحمراء، وانخفضت البيتكوين بنسبة 3% خلال 24 ساعة فقط.

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Now we are moving away from the important 22-day TRON event, and the launching of TRON's main network is a very predictable event. The launch of this network, following the success of TRON's TestNet test network, will not only increase the value of its TRX currency to record highs but also see the continued increase in the volume and market value of the currency. With the launch of the MainNet network and the TRX currency moving to its own plutonium away from its current operating system, the "TRON" should establish itself as a currency worthy of being among the top ten currencies in the world. In the lead, an update of "TRON MainNet" was launched, according to a tweet by Justin Sun, founder of TRON. "Odyssey-v.1.06", this update will see a number of new features added to the system, which came in time before the full launch. TRON Foundation has used this update to add a bandwidth-based version, freeze voting, unblock voting and replace the bonus. Furthermore, the modernization should witness a comprehensive upgrade of system performance. According to the "Medium" page of "TRON":